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FairHussalg | Sell your home with 100 % profit.

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Through Fair Hussalg, you sell your home yourself, with the same security and guarantee as with a broker.

FairHussalg is an online portal meant for people who need to sell their home and wish to limit the cost of a home sale.

We do things differently, by making a “self-sale” into a sale where the seller and FairHussalg work closely together. FairHussalg has an eye for the people behind, whether a sale is due to joy, sorrow, or other circumstances - we have an eye for these living conditions.

Together with the seller, we will be able to make the home ready for sale and according to the conditions as attractive as possible.

Økonomiske nøgletal

The company provides access to several tax advantages that can be managed and benefited from directly by the buyer. More details related to the said information can be provided at contact.


Besides the online platform for managing the housing sale announcement, FairHussalg offers a number of support products to ease up the process for the sellers.

Extra product list:

- Full House self-safe Guide (all necessary steps in a detailed manual) (500 dkk)
- A3 template setup for printing advertisement materials (249 dkk/piece)
- Facebook turnaround advertising & AD (350 dkk/property)
- Sale Stickers (129 dkk/set)
- Outdoors home sale banners (450 dkk)
- Service: Concluding sales agreements (150 dkk)
- Newspaper ads (449 dkk/ad)


1. Digital/Physical Marketing Materials:

- Business Card Design Templates
- Flyer Design Templates
- Outdoor sign template
- Manual template
- Postings templates

2. Social Media Presence:

NOTE: Because our main customer comes from the organic search, we are not investing in SoMe platforms at the moment)

- Facebook

3. SEO Integration:

- Integrated Google Analytics
- SEO integration (On-page SEO, Headlines, slugs, high ranking keywords & research, link building, backlinking, and meta descriptions)
- Copywritten Website with high readability percentage
- SOME compatible & ranking product descriptions and tags (with integrated SEO)


Fixed Costs
- Website Platform 250 DKK/month
- Domain 200 DKK/year

- Marketing (may vary depending on the marketing goal)

Virksomhedens historie

FaitHussalg started just like many other successful small businesses around the world - from my own need.

The decision to sell a house can come from various reasons, and sometimes these reasons are business orientated, emotional, or financially necessary. Nevertheless, the process of selling a house should not add to the owner's burden but make the transition easier and transparent.

For many of us, selling a home is a personal decision that implies a lack of experience, understanding where to start and how the market operates.

This was indeed my family's situation. When we decided to sell our home, the process was terrifyingly long, confusing, and costly. So one day, we thought that now that we understand the struggle of a seller, we can create a business where the Seller is offered transparency, fair costs, and most importantly, the profit of selling a house.

We have created a system that is easy to use no matter the technical abilities of the users, with direct guidance from our team and materials personalized to the sale's goal.


Operating market: Denmark (whole country)
- Highest customer traffic: Holstebro, Struer, Lemvig, Skive and Herning

- Local real estate agencies
- Local Brokers


Weaknesses & Opportunity
- Potential new, local competitors (our marketing strategy has ranked Fair Hussalg's website above the local competition)
- Low social media presence on Facebook (because our customers have been coming from the search engine or word-of-mouth leads, we have not invested in growing the platform with ADs. There is a grand opportunity for improvement in this aspect, and we are ready to share strategies withing Facebook/Instagram Marketing)
- Currently, we do not own a large variety of long-term agreements (however, we have been successfully expanding the contracts and deals once the users get to use our platform)

Stærke sider

Our Competitive Advantage:
- Clear support materials for the sellers
- 24/7 support
- Unique Business Concept on the market
- No direct competition
- Fast Communication
- Personalized Service
- Lowest prices on the market
- Great service reviews
- Large product range and diversity

More ideas for development can be provided at request.


1. Our Vision

The vision at the base of every step and decision taken is to help people who wish to sell their homes gain easy access to a transparent home-selling service that offers support and works to their advantage.

2. Our Mission

Our mission is to make Fair Hussalg one of the leading platforms in Denmark for a home sale, accessible and affordable to the home seller.

Ideel køber

We are looking for a buyer that understands the value of qualitative and transparent service. Most importantly, we seek a buyer ready to bring innovative ideas into the business and help it accomplish its mission.


We are here for you!

- Our team will also provide full training on using the platform and template materials.
- We will fully support the buyer in the transition process (from domain transfering to platform onboarding)
- We are ready to support the new buyer with marketing ideas and insights to grow the business and network.
- Based on the request, we are always available by phone and email for advice.

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