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Online casino reseller business - 10 online casino clients with yearly profit

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We sell the software to clients and earn on commission + support.

Online casino services with 10 active online casinos. We provide the setup and technical help / reseller agreements and earn comissions on each online casino from 10 - 100% With our own sportsbook solution, apps, games and exclusive agreements in hand and we are also on the first page of google for all major search phrases and keywords related to our business wich generates leads and enquires every week from all over the world. You will take over a well reputated business with great potential to epand.

Økonomiske nøgletal

1 to 100% net revenue commission based on all these online casinos,
the actual income varies depending on how they do and since all of these were launched within 6 months of time they are just catching up now.

Sale commission is €500-50.000 per new setup.

Sportsbook platform is our own and valued around 50.000 euros when sold as a copy + percentage.

We have around 60 apps and games on app-store and google

Over all, the monthly income varies from €10.000 to 30.000 normally.


The business overview

We have over 10+ online casino setups run by clients of ours and we make 1 - 100% commission och each of theese,
2 of theese casinos is our own with no obligations to any client and all is live and up and running today.

Exclusive reseller agreements for the scandinavian market and huge potential to expand.

We also have our own open sourcecode sportsbook ready to be sold or implemented to 3:rd party operators
wich is a well done sportsbetting platform fully synced with BetRadars new unicode feed (2 years development).


SEO with our own system, a fully loaded station gaming computer wich do all our SEO inhouse and we are on page 1 on google on all major searches of this nische.

We also have google adwords license to run adwords for online gambling in selected countries.


500 euro month / operational fee per casino setup (paid by end client) and we top it up.

Web hosting and servers 2000 euro / year.


To this we have computers, ipads, macbook and wich we manage all business with.
a full SEO computer wich generates us the position 1 on google searches is included.

Help, service and support after taking over the business is included so you learn how everything works.

Varelager på 500.000 kr. inkluderet i prisen Sælger tilbyder at få varelager med som en del af udbudsprisen.
Inventar på 35.000 kr. inkluderet i prisen Sælger tilbyder at få inventar med som en del af udbudsprisen

Virksomhedens historie

The business launched in 2016 and have been expanding constantly untill today
with more then 10 online casinos (which will be included in the sale)
our own sportsbetting platform, also included in the sale
50+ apps and games and unique agreements and benefits in the online casino business.
To launch all this have been 20 hourd / day working, coding, managing SEO and sales for 2 years and now finally
the business have unique possibilities to take this further in the igaming business as we do not have to hund clients any longer, they come to us.

We also do sms and email marketing with thousands of potential customers to promote to.
Earn money by helping the clients we have today with marketing, SEO and promotions.

Its a fully dynamic solution which suits a media company.


Everyone wants to run a online casino these days, its easy to get new clients but you might want to
target clients with marketing efforts and not the ones who dont really have the money to buy or run it.
Competitors is common like any other business but we manage to find a way to offer a sales and monthly fees 50-80% cheaper then our competetors and still make money from it.

Online casino is also a global market which means that you can promote this to any country in the word and we have solutions to countries allowed to gamble and they who dont, for example we can offer bitcoin casino to turkey and USA
and the regular malta / uk casino in europe and we also have the possibilities to setup african online casinos.


When taking over this concept its important to learn all aspects, rules and regulations, we will help you out with all theese
details so you learn what to do and what to follow.

Stærke sider

We offer better prices then most of our competetors
Google place on first page on several keywords & phrases with over 2.7 million hits wich generates us daily requests and enquires.


Sell new casino setups to people who are looking to run an online casino
We have 3:rd party doing ALL the work so you do not need to know coding, programming and still you can take commission of every sale and revenue.

2. Earn money from 10+ online casinos we have online today allready wich are included in the sale.

3. Sell / rent the actual casino brands we have in stock

4. offer SEO, advertisement help and marketing


To have a stable income based on revenue from clients who run their online casinos is the vision here,
We set them up and based on their success we earn aswell.

Ideel køber

Any media company or individuals with the potential to sell, service and support customers,
people with sell experience and are ready for new challenging excitements in the igame industry.


We will help you with all aspects once taking over,
Free consulting, email & mail support so you will learn 100% all aspects of the business.
There is also a possibility to have us in at a low percentage once taking over to maintain better communications.

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