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Crafty Canvas | Online Shop & Stock

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Paint By Numbers | Sold with Stock

Crafty Canvas is a Danish company selling one of the most popular craft products in the EU – Paint By Numbers. After noticing the trend moving to Nordic countries, we have opened the company and have gained popularity on the Danish market – within a month.

We have covered our costs within a maximum of 3 months from the launch of the brand.

The company has also gained fast popularity on search engines. The customers look for us independently without high investment in Ads. Our analytics show up to 48.3% Organic Search traffic - in the first 6 months, with rapid growth every month. In the last 90 days, we have recorded 70% increase rate in organic search traffic acquisition. The rest of the traffic is driven by our users on social media platforms & referrals.

Our product’s popularity and instant growth in sales can be seen through our web analytics and sales statements. With 28K page views, 6.7K monthly returning visitors, and an under 39% bounce rate.

The company has both passive sales, as well as AD and partnership-driven sales.

It took us 3 months to cover the cost and profit from our investment. In 2020 we had an income of approx. 105.500 DKK, followed by 128.000 DKK in 2021 and growing. The last 90 days sales analytics show 52.000 in direct sales.

We have decided to open another company and sell Crafty Canvas to good hands – ready to grow. In the sales price of the webpage are included the following: stock of products in value of 100.000 DKK, complete transfer of company and branding ownership, sales strategies, full access to email marketing and subscribers, social media platforms, collaborations with influencers, sales advice and analytics on most popular products and other.

Økonomiske nøgletal

Rate of Return - 320%

1. Sales Analytics & Report:

Income by year:
- 2020: kr 105,506
- 2021: kr 127,652

Profit By Year:
- 2020 (Keep in mind the company has been active since October – December): approx. 67.000 DKK
- 2021 (January – today): approx. 88.000 DKK (without marketing investment)

- 90 days overview - approx. 52K
- Average order value – 357 DKK

2. Digital Level:

Website Analytics (6 months)
- 6.7k Sessions (returning visitors)
- Page Views 28K
- Under 39 % bounce rate

Traffics Channels Analytics (6 months)
- Organic Search Traffic 48.3%
- Referral Traffic 7.9%
- Social Traffic 39.6%

Traffics Channels Analytics (last 90 days)
- Organic Search Traffic 70%
- Referral & social media: shared 30%

Market Share & Reach
- Denmark 97.4
- Poland (passive reach) 2.6

Overskud før skat: 155.000 DKK


Paint by numbers ‘’A new way to hygge & art’’.

1. Introduction to the product

Painting by Numbers a fast-growing trendy product in the industry of Crafts & Influencer Marketing.

The product is part of the DIY category of crafting and entertainment, which implies painting a canvas by numbers. All the tools needed are included in the kit of each painting set.

From pictures of animals to famous architectural/art paintings.
Paint by Numbers allows people, even with no knowledge about painting, to paint all kinds of masterpieces by themselves.

2. Other Products & Services Provided

- Extra products on the website with high popularity: professional wooden brushes, special painting gloves, LED Magnifying Glass (for the older target group), Wooden Easel.
- Blog & Painting Guide to help the customer engage with the website, drive traffic, and feel the assistance of the brand through the painting process.
- Extra service: the customers can canvcustomized canvas. For example, we have had customers order their pet or family picture as a Paint-By-Number
- Fast 3-5 day Delivery
- CRM integration on the website and social media (including email marketing – new products, collections, discounts, and call to action for abandoned chars (which result in sales))


The highest Quality of service and products available on the European market.

4. Who is the product for?

Our products are for anyone lingering to develop, starting from artistic personas and clubs to kids and older generations. No skills needed - only a simple curiosity for new.

5. Benefits For The Customer (Product Related)

- Stress Reliever - painting by numbers is a great stress reliever that can help you detach from fast-paced daily life.
- Reconnect with yourself and others - the process of sharing the activity with a close person will help you connect at a deeper level.
- Reduces screen time - Replace computer and smartphone with bushes and juicy colors.
- ​Exclusive home decor & present - Decorate your space with a unique painting that will ultimately give a makeover to your or your loved ones’ home.


1. Digital/Physical Marketing Materials:

- Business Card Design Template
- Flyer Design Template
- Package Design & Stock

2. Social Media Presence:

NOTE: Because our main customer comes from the organic search, we are not investing in SoMe platforms at the moment)

- Tik Tok (1200 followers, with an average of 5000 Views/video - at the moment used for generating lead with influencers)
- Facebook (240 active organic followers)
- Instagram (313 active organic followers)

3. SEO Integration:

- Integrated Google Analytics
- SEO integration (On-page SEO, Headlines, slugs, high ranking keywords & research, link building, backlinking, and meta descriptions)
- Copywritten Website with high readability percentage
- SOME compatible & ranking product descriptions and tags (with integrated SEO)

4. Website Review Collecting Software:

- 34 Reviews

5. Recently started (Trust Pilot Account):

- 7 reviews


Fixed Costs
- Rent (This may vary when you buy the company
- Website Premium 250 DKK/month
- Domain 200 DKK/year

- Supplier costs (approximately: 40 DKK/product)
- Marketing (may vary depending on the marketing goal)
In 2020 the marketing costs were: 700 DKK on one AD (as the sales were passively growing)
In 2021 the marketing costs were: 5000 DKK (influencer marketing & AD)



1. Suppliers from China (the agreements will be transferred with the company)
2. Inventory (100.000 DKK value inventory - approx. 550 products in stock at the moment)
3. Office: we also can provide an office in Herning. However, it is not mandatory to acquire it in the agreement.

Varelager på 100.000 kr. inkluderet i prisen Sælger tilbyder at få varelager med som en del af udbudsprisen.
Ejendomme ikke inkluderet på 3.000 kr. Sælger vil gerne sælge ejendommen men den er ikke en del af udbudsprisen

Virksomhedens historie

We are a couple living and working in Denmark that has always dreamed of having our own small business. The story of Crafty Canvas started with our desperate need to have an activity together that is more engaging and rewarding.

So, we decided to put our hands on our first paint by numbers canvas on a typical rainy day. It was purely to have some diversity in our life with my partner. Little did we know - that same day will inspire us to start our small, home-based business. Both of us have no painting skills, but our first picture has turned amazing because it is THAT EASY TO USE.

It united us as a couple and helped us get closer to a new level.

Our excitement and love for the process made us want to share this feeling with others who, that just like us, crave a change and a way to express their emotions.

We wanted others to have the chance to experience it, too, so we brought it to Denmark. Our costs were covered in 3 months, which has motivated us to increase our stocks and resulted in significant sales.
The decision to sell Crafty Canvas was not easy. For the past four months of 2021, we have been working on an interior design project, a long dream that we finally decided to accomplish. This month, we decided to pursue this dream and entirely focus on our new business. This sadly means that we need to let go of Crafty Canvas.
We love and appreciate our Crafty Canvas Concept & Customers. However, we wish to sell it blooming to an entrepreneur that will have the time to invest in it and drive.


Operating market: Denmark (whole country)
- Highest customer traffic: Copenhagen

- Main International: Paintbynumbers CO


Weaknesses & Opportunity
- Potential new, local competitors (investing in the marketing and upkeeping the webpage stock will help the website rank above the local competition)
- Active international competitors (the most significant advantage we have is quality and fast delivery; most international competitors have low ratings and high product returns. Whereas our brand has not experienced a product complaint or return since its opening)
- Low social media presence on Facebook (because our customers have been coming from the search engine or our influencers, we have not invested in growing the platform with ADs. There is a grand opportunity for improvement in this aspect, and we are ready to share strategies withing Facebook/Instagram Marketing)
- We have a stock of approximately 550 products. Which at rapid growth may be a challenge. However, we have substantial agreements with suppliers, which we will pass on with the company. They will help you with product acquisition at the lowest prices and highest quality.

Stærke sider

Our Competitive Advantage:
- Fast Delivery
- Lowest prices on the market
- Better quality
- Better reviews
- Large product range and diversity
- We are popular throughout the main target group of the product, prone to shopping online - from 14+ (while competitor target group is mainly older customers that do not shop online as often)

More ideas for development can be provided at request.


1. Our Vision

The vision at the base of every step and decision were taken, is to help individuals around the world connect with each other without words.

We aim to provide a long-lasting product that encourages fearlessly to express emotions and character.

2. Our Mission

Is to make paint-by-numbers accessible at a high quality and service standards, delivered fast to any home, organisation and/or why not travellers.

Another aspect of our mission is to start an impulse to create in any environment and reconnect with inner-self.

Ideel køber

We are looking for a buyer that understands the value of qualitative products and service. Ideally, we wish to keep our customers engaged and open new opportunities for them. As long as you wish to make this business flourish, we are IN.


We are ready to support the new buyer with marketing ideas, any insights needed to grow the business and network.
Based on the request, we are always available by phone and email for any sort of advice.
If you are our lucky buyer, let us know what help you might need - and we will provide it.

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