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Franchisee of Mail Boxes Etc. (shipping, packing, virtual address)

Shipping center located in Østerbro, fully operational and profitable, it has increased it's revenues steadily for the last 4 years and the forecast is to continue with the trend.
The company owns the property which has a low rent.
Revenues split is 70% from company customers, and 13% from a subscription model which has increased with time.
There is good prospects for the future and room to grow sales through different channels.
Interesting for entrepreneurs, companies within the branch that wish to expand and optimize processes through their own know how and resources, other companies wishing to diversify their source of revenues.



Økonomiske nøgletal

Revenues of the company for 2021 was 2.995.299 and profit before taxes was 602.530
The operating profit margin for 2021 was 20,12%.


  • Omsætning:2.995.299 DKK
  • Ebitda: 629.842 DKK
  • Resultat før skat: 602.530 DKK
  • Balancesum: 599.127 DKK
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  • Overskudsgrad


The company offers collection, storage, packing, shipping, transport insurance for both individuals and companies. Customers come from different sectors and all have different requirements. We have several agreements with carrier companies and suppliers.

The other service that the company offers is virtual address services for private and companies, the later allowing them to register their company at our address. The service is run as a subscription model and managed through a digital platform.


From day one the company has made efforts to have a strong digital footprint, by working on its own website, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, google my business, google reviews and TrustPilot where the company has excellent scores. LinkedIn company profile and other directories such as

Located next to Svanemøllen station the office has easy access through public transport.

Business customer have been acquire through an active contact approach and building on the customer relationship, they have also found the company through our online presence, and the previous experience of working with Mail Boxes Etc. in other countries (referrals). We are a preferred independent transport company for (

The virtual address service is a 100% online


Fixed costs are relatively low (Rent, utilities, subscriptions for software and tools), the highest expense is labor.
Variable costs are the shipments costs and activities associated to them.
Franchise royalty of 3% on revenues


The property is owned by the company. Andelserhverv

Varelager på 20.000 kr. inkluderet i prisen Sælger tilbyder at få varelager med som en del af udbudsprisen.
Ejendomme inkluderet 1.200.000 kr. Sælger tilbyder at få ejendommen med som en del af udbudsprisen
Inventar på 80.000 kr. inkluderet i prisen Sælger tilbyder at få inventar med som en del af udbudsprisen

Virksomhedens historie

For Sonja as a mother of twins living the corporate life was no longer as appealing nor fitted her daily schedule. After searching for a business model within the franchising world she found Mail Boxes Etc.

For Antonio as a foreigner the opportunity presented by Sonja to partner up and start a business with the Mail Boxes Etc. franchise was perfect fitting.

After evaluating the Mail Boxes Etc. Business model (Packing, Packing supplies, Shipping, Office Supplies, Cartridges & Toners, Mailbox rentals, Graphic & Print) we determined that it provided the right framework, support and flexibility for us to open up the first office in Denmark and developed it as we saw fit the local market.

We had to go through training at the Barcelona and Berlin headquarters to learn the ins and outs of the different services that we were to sell, as well as a set of management tools for entrepreneurs. At home we had to check for the right address that fitted our budget but also the necessary requirements for our daily operation. After careful consideration we decided for the andelsbolig erhverv which had a low rent and the total payment equaled or was cheaper than other rent options, it was the right decision as it kept our fixed cost low.

Since the opening of the business its been a continuous work and learning to find our place in the market as well as optimize and improve all of our processes. Revenues increased steadily every year and forecast continues the trend despite the challenges experienced with Covid 19. Today we find ourselves in a good position with a strong business customer base that had been with us for a long time and adding new ones, a growing base of subscriber for our Virtual Address Service and the recurring sales of services through the shop and online requests.
Despite been a franchise concept the business offers so much flexibility that we can direct our efforts where it makes economical sense, one of the most attractive aspect of this business.


Transport market (road, air, sea), domestic and international. Import and export.


Since 2017 the challenges have been associated to perhaps any startup or new business experiences, which we have tackled cautiously and fortunately successfully, reflected in our increased revenues year by year.
Every challenge can be turned into an opportunity.

Stærke sider

Even though there are several transport companies, their offering might be limited to only one aspect of the logistic chain or their customer profile is bigger companies. For example companies like UPS, Fedex, TNT, DHL and Postnord won't offer packing services. That's were we come in, we offer a complete solution; the collection, packing, shipping , export documents and customs, and transport insurance. We benefit of having carrier agreements with the companies mentioned above and more thus providing customers with options in terms of transport methods, delivery times and prices. We are able to offer our customers a more customized solution that fits their needs.

In regards to the virtual address services, competition is relatively low. Particularly for the segment that we target. And nothing compares to the price that we offer. Lowest in the market. The service is quite streamlined through the management platform.


1.- Specialize in niche segments with higher value (Art galleries, auction houses, antiques, museums, )
2.- Increase business customer base (sales channels: Linked In, direct sales and active membership)
3.- Capture a % of the online sales market (through a web shop that sells the shipping labels - basic shipments)
4.- Drive customers to the web shop through online marketing strategies (SEO, Ads, SOME, etc.)
5.- Expand the suppliers (transporters) alternatives by strategic agreements and improved rates (DSV, Schenker, BWS, etc.)


To provide S&M enterprises as well as individuals a full logistic solution that fits their specific needs so that all their logistic needs are handled by us.

To be the most cost-effective solution for virtual address for individuals and companies.

Ideel køber

The ideal buyer profile is certainly more than one.
- An entrepreneur with desired to learn new skills and a new market, with the safety of a well run business.
- Another company within transport that wishes to diversify the service and acquire a new customer base, would benefit of the synergy of their own experience and resources.
- Another company that wishes to diversify.
- An employee that wishes to become independent and have his own business. (Transport or logistics sector would be beneficial)

Property and business can be sold separately
Possibility to buy half of the business (from one owner) is open for discussion.


We are open to discuss all options.
In case of staying and working normal for a period of time (Transition), we expect to receive salary.


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